What's going viral: Some photos on social media are going viral. Heavy rain in the photo is showing water logging in roads and houses

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What's going viral: Some photos on social media are going viral. Heavy rain in the photo is showing water logging in roads and houses. It is claimed that these photos are from Neet and JEE examination centres. While sharing the photo, the government is being asked on social media how the examination will be conducted when it is the condition of the examination centres?

Jee Mines for admission to engineering colleges across the country is commencing from Tuesday. The examination is scheduled till 6th September. Neet for admission to medical colleges will be held on September 13.

These two examinations are taking place between corona infections where parents are disturbed. The students had demanded the government to make frequent examination postons. However, in the meantime, a number of misleading claims are also being made on social media about these examinations.

Four photos are going viral

1. First photo

The photos are being shared on social media for the last one week with the claim of water logging at the Egjam Centre.

2.Second photo

3. Third photo

There are two reasons behind the persistent protests against the conduct of jee examination. First, the cases of fast growing corona across the country. And secondly, flood situation in many parts of the country.

Fact Check Check

Four photographs of Neet and JEE examination centres are going viral. We started examining every photograph one by one, and the truth came out completely differently.

The truth of the first photo

Reverse search of photos on Google brought out some media reports. Which shows that the photograph is of rain in Allahabad. The ML Convent School, which is submerged in the photo, is from Allahabad. The news website does not mention what time the news is. But, in the news, the old name of Prayagraj is written ' Allahabad '.

The Uttar Pradesh government had approved the renaming of Allahabad as Prayagraj in October, 2018. Even in media reports, the name of the city is written prayagraj. Clearly, the first photo going viral is more than two years old and has nothing to do with the Neet-JEE examination.

The truth of the second photo

There is a three-year-old photo story on the news-18 website. As on 29th August, 2017, there are pictures of major events across the country. Here we got that second photograph. Which is being described as Neet-JEE examination centres. In fact, the photograph is in Mumbai.

The truth of the third photo

The news of August 4, 2019 on the website of Dainik Jagran shows that the photograph is of flood in Haridwar last year.

The Truth of the Fourth Photo

Even when the fourth foto was reverse search, a news of Dainik Jagran came to us. In this news of July 9, 2019, the photograph has been reported to have been rained in Patna.

Conclusion: The pictures being shared by jee-NEET exam centres have been reported in UP, Bihar, Uttarakhand and Maharashtra. Based on the old photographs, misleading claims are being made that flood water is flooded in the examination centres.

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