Yashraj explains who was in the cook... While making it, I did not think that it would be so viral

These days, an entrepreneurship video on social media, which is being shared to tease someone or to make someone laugh. Common man or celebrity, everyone is sharing this video. This video is who was in the cook... A 24-year-old musician worked on music and beat on a TV serial dialogue and the video went viral on social media.

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It is a new joner, in the language of music, such videos are called diaries with beats or rap videos. This viral video has been composing by The Aurangabad-dwelling Yashraj Mukate. After this video, Yashraj has now become a social media star. From the creation of viral videos to his life, Yashraj interacted with Bhaskar.

Who was in the cook? " Years ago, the serial ' Playing Saathiya ' on Star Plus has gone viral on social media. Online creator Yashraj Mukate, who gave the video a song form, has become a social media star overnight.

Yashraj explained who was in the cook... This one dialogue changed his life. On the evening of August 20, when the video was uploaded, there were 25,000 followers on Instagram, now more than seven lakh within a week. YouTube subscribers have also crossed 10 lakh from 10,000.

When the content starts to become memes, understand that it has truly gone viral

Yashraj explains who was in the cook... While making it, I did not think that it would be so viral. I watched these videos while scrolling on Facebook one day. I understood that the dialogue of this character has a tone and rhythm. This method made me inspire, then I put music and harmoni in it.

Yashraj explained that my friends said that these videos are not as special as we know your work and have been listening in advance. I don't know what good it looked like. But, I think people are very much associated with these characters, so people have done more than that.

Yashraj says that after the video was shared, the big Celebes, the Polytechnic, shared it, but when it began to become a memes, it was actually understood that it had gone viral. Because when the memes are formed on any content, understand that the content has reached the youngsters and has truly gone viral.

Yashraj uploaded the video on the evening of August 20, at that time, there were 25,000 followers on Instagram, followed by more than seven lakh within a week.
Kokilaben's call came so I thought I had a call to rebuke

Yashraj explains that "after this video, I got the call of The Role of Kokilaben. When he told him that he was speaking Kokilaben, I felt that he had called me to rebuke me, but he did my job very much. He said that you have truly caught my diction.

Yashraj said that I am a fan of Anurag Kashyap since childhood. He saw my work and told me to come to the studio and do something together. This was the most promotional comment for me so far. "

Yashraj with Bollywood music director and singer Amit Trivedi.
Amit Trivedi considers God, his reaction awaits

"I am awaiting the reaction of Bollywood music director and singer Amit Trivedi," says Yashraj. I consider him my God, I want this video to reach them. If they shared this video or made a comment on it, it would be worthwhile to make my music so far. "

Yashraj went to audition at Indian Idol in 2016 but had to be out in the first round.
Went to Indian Idol, turned to me as soon as I heard the first word of the song

Yashraj said, "I went to audition at Indian Idol at my father's behest in the year 2016. There are three rounds even before the studio round. In his first round, I turned me out. In fact, the team members of the production house, 10 people, stand together and sing. When my number came, I 'roy' film 'Tu Hai Ki a' ... Started singing.

I sang the first word 'From you...' Sang that the team told me to go out, they did not listen to my whole voice. He said that next time. I did not understand what happened to me. Because I had won many compation on the same song earlier. After this audition, I thought I had to focus on the rest of my skills, not on the system. However, later when I made my songs, people liked my voice too much. "

Yashraj's father is also a musician, mother is a business of clothing, a married sister who is an architect.

Graduated in electronic and telecommunication engineering at mother's behest

Yashraj completed his schooling in the year 2010 from the Holi Cross School in Aurangabad and then a polytechnic from mit College, Aurangabad. Yashraj then graduated from The Singhgarh College of Engineering in Pune in electronic and telecommunication engineering. In the meantime, music also continued.

Yashraj says he did not have a special interest in engineering, but the mother said that he would do a degree in terms of career security, then do whatever he wants. In the year 2017, he came to music completely after engineering. In the beginning, they used to make the covers of the songs sung by the people. Gradually, people began to approach their work on the Internet.

Yashraj has his first piano cover English song 'Wake Me Up...' made of. This was his first video on YouTube. Then he made a piano cover of love songs. Then he began to sing the cover song himself. The first cover song Channa Mereya sang.

Yashraj said that after engineering, he also reached Mumbai to make his career in music, but within two months he had to return to Aurangabad. Thereafter, his father made him a music studio in the parking area of the house at a cost of about Rs 9 lakh.

Yashraj with Bollywood music director Salim Merchant. Salim appreciated his work.

Maula My... The song's ekapaella version was shared by Salim Merchant

Says Yashraj, "In the year 2018, I took 'Maula Mele Meri Jaan Meri Jaa' in the Ekapaela version. The song was made and uploaded. A song that does not use any music instrument, the whole music is done by the mouth, from the clap. The song was seen by Bollywood music director Salim Merchant on social media and shared on his Instagram account.

Then I texted them and asked if I could come to your studio to meet you. He said yes and I went to Mumbai. There they showed me the whole studio, I saw all the technical points there. I said that if you need an assistant, I can. He said that you can compose better songs, so I got a motation. Then I have made six songs of my own so far. "

Yashraj completed his schooling in the year 2010 from the Holi Cross School in Aurangabad and graduated from the Singhgarh College of Engineering, Pune.

Music is in my genes, dad is also a musician

Yashraj points out that music is in his genes, dad is also a musician, a little music is found by his father and learned from the Internet by practicing a little. He did his first stage show with his father at the age of three. In school and college also, Yashraj won the award in music.

Yashraj said that he is now producing freelancer music and making advertisements, jingles, voice overs and songs. Yashraj's father is a musician as well as a property builder. His mother is a clothing business, a married sister of Yashraj who is an architect.

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