The business had taken a loan and was locked up, the financier began sending bouncers, abusing him and threatening to destroy the house

The two brothers had great love. From the neighborhood, the relatives also called them Ram-Laxman. He does what he says big. Together in every task. Morning, evening and afternoon bus work and work. The same work took away both my reds from us. The two brothers went together. They didn't even think what would happen to us after them? What will happen to the children?'

It is said that 78-year-old Adheshwar das Gupta starts to tremble. His wife, standing beside, moves her hand for support. His wife's name is Usha and the age is 72 years. The lips of Adheshwar Das are vibrating. They are speaking, but the voice is not coming out of the throat. Their swollen eyes are pinned to the front wall. "Children should not have bothered us too much," says Usha, after supporting her husband who lost her life. They were afraid that the people who sought money should not speak to our old parents. Izzat was concerned. How many sufferings would have been our red that was hanged together?'

By saying this, he covers his face with an eyes, and the sound of the syringes comes from within. They have to do it because the two young children playing inside the house do not know at the moment that they are not able to endure and understand their age. He tries to stop tears because he feels that the sound of crying will worsen the physics of the Adheshwar das sitting nearby.

All the colours of the lives of these two elders living in their ancestral house at the last end of gully Beri at Chandni Chowk in Delhi disappeared on the afternoon of 26th August. By the night of August 25, the family, who stood on every scale of the ' Happy family ', were besieged by dark clouds of sorrow, anguish and grief from the next day. Due to this, two earning of this family committed suicide by hanging together.

47-year-old Ankit and 42-year-old Gupta had run a shop named Krishna Jewellers in Chandni Chowk Market for the past ten years. The two brothers were working day and night to pursue their business. The two brothers were hanged in their shop due to the slowdown in trade and rising debt after the lockdown.

By remembering that day, Usha Gupta once again seems to be in the way. Then, after raising courage, he says, "One night before we all had eaten together. He did not tell much about his work, yet he knew that he was upset. Like Rose, the two brothers touched the feet of both of us in the morning. What we knew was that he was touching the feet for the last time. '

A shop at Chandni Chowk where both the brothers were hanged. There was a debt of lakhs of rupees on both sides.

Usha Devi's courage has been answered and she starts crying. Adeshwar Das Gupta, sitting next to him, is not in a position to answer any question. When asked, he only says, ' Nothing is understood. ' What are you asking?'

In addition to these two in the room, Usha's Bhabhi Manju Gupta is also present, asking them to be silent for other family members. Recalling his nephew, Manju says, "The children had taken loans to run the business. Then the lockdown took off. He started sending a bouncer to the shop. They began to give up the abuses and also to destroy the household. The children were not able to deal with all this. If nothing is done, you are doing wrong things. '

According to the family, the two brothers had taken loans from a private financier. The shop for three months due to lockdown and then the work stopped completely. The business stalled, but the lending financier started threatening him on the phone to recover his money, then sending a bouncer to the shop and swearing. The family even says that baoubizasar at the shop two days before Janmashtami. Both of them were filthy and threatened to destroy the whole family when they did not get the money.

The face and pay suicide has not only destitute one family, but the move of these two brothers has once again exposed the system. Till six days after the incident, no representative of any political party has reached the point of taking the trick.

The mother says that like rose while going to the shop, the two brothers had been blessed by touching our feet. What we knew was that they were touching the feet for the last time. '
Avinash Agarwal runs his jewellery shop in Delhi-6 for the past twenty years. Why did the private financier need a loan? On this question, he says, "Obviously, there is a thing. The bank does not give loans. I am a trader. I have to raise some goods tomorrow. The goods are of Rs. I have forty lakh. How will it happen now? Will the government bank give me a loan in a day? Come on, will give in a week? My answer is, no. You can check. Now, I have to go to the private financier for money. There is also more interest and the dangers are different, but what is the way?'

Chandni Chowk is known all over the country for its business. There is also a large number of jewellery business. According to Kamal Gupta, who has been running the jewellery shop in Sitaram Bazar for the past several years, gold futures are the main reasons for the business and the interest in the traders. "There are no two opinions that the lockdown has broken the waist," he says. The Government is only making announcements. Even today, without mortgaging us, the bank does not give a loan of Rs. 1 lakh.

Four or five days you have to flee and separate. But, in the case of these two, ' futures are a major reason. According to the information I have, both were engaged in this work. Those who do these things or give you money also recover money in this way. Treat it as a gamble of traders. Play. Win, okay. If you lose, all anthury. Don't know why the government is gambling?

Futures market means a place of trade where there is actually neither a shop nor a trader nor a customer. All happens on the Internet. Many other traders in the locality, including Kamal, consider the ' futures market ' as a strong reason behind the suicide of these two brothers. Since 2003, traders in the locality have been engaged in this work and consider it a source of good income as soon as they are. It is not that the face and the pay were the traders who were trying their luck in this ' market '. Most of the traders working in Chandni Chowk regularly try their luck in the ' futures market '. However, the lockdown caused by the corona and the decline in trade has spread darkness in the lives of most traders.

The mother of both brothers standing at the door. The 47-year-old and 42-year-old had run a shop named Krishna Jewellers in chandni Chowk Market for the past ten years.

The one thousand-member some-like Jewellery Association is the largest jewellers ' association of Chandni Chowk. Yogesh Singhal is its chairman and owns a large jewellery shop. "I have the phones of many traders," he says. If somebody is in debt of millions, there are crores of rupees. You will not trust, but every trader is sleepless. The two brothers who committed suicide were also the same situation. When the work on the mattress was reduced, traders turned to the ' futures market ' in the lure of profit. The debts on them increased and increased. Their ability to repay the loan was reduced. In some way, the lockdown was removed from demonetization. '

After ankit Gupta and pay Gupta's suicide, there is a panic among the traders in the locality and it is not a matter of one family or a businessman. There are many traders who are in debt to the throat. That too at a time when the business has completely stalled for the last six months and the next six months are also going to be stalled. That is why the Some Mahajani Jewellers Association is going to have an online meeting with all its members in the first week of September and the government is going to put forward the insecurity of traders ' minds.

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