The student community is very disturbed because of the corona. After spending a lot of time

The student community is very disturbed because of the corona. After spending a lot of time, effort and money on their education, they are seeing their plans deteriorate. The future has also become uncertain. The epidemic and then the lockdown have pushed back their dreams.

It is even worse to put them in a dilemma whether to choose health or their academic future. It is a matter of embarrassment that the same situation is now being faced by the students preparing for the National Elephant Entrance Test (NEET) and the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), which are scheduled to be conducted this month.

Scientists say congestion should be avoided right now

Neet and JEE were earlier scheduled to be in April and May, but have been extended twice. This means that when there were 50 thousand corona patients in India, it was right to pursue these major examinations, but now when the corona cases have crossed 36 lakh, the government is finding it right to ikatadhan a crowd of thousands of students in the examination hall.

It is illogical and dangerous. The scientific understanding of Kovid-19 says that the present situation should not be held in large events, avoid congestion and prevent the spread of the virus. It is natural that in the name of public health, Neet and JEE should not be personally.

Did not learn anything from Kerala either

We have seen the result of the crowd earlier when the Kerala Engineering, Architects and Medical (KEAM) examinations took place in July. I had written to the chief Minister of Kerala expressing concern over the risk of infection and requested to proceed with the examination. My submission was rejected and the disaster started. Efforts were not made for social dissing and there was a huge rush at the centres due to non-limiting of the number of those who joined the examination. This has led to a sharp increase in the Kovid-19 cases.

Having NEET-JEE can be a catastrophic situation
Neet-JEE will be on a larger scale. About 2.5 lakh students are registered. This also foreshadowed a manifold bad and horrible situation by conducting the Keam exam. Neet-JEE should not be in September. They should have been extended, at least, till November, after Diwali.
If this further date does not seem feasible, the government is right to say that students cannot be pressured to waste the entire academic year. I am of the view that the practical, safe and dignified way for both the students and the test takers would be that the examinations are from home.

This will enable students to give exams in the security of their home. At the same time, there will be no crowd ikatadhan at the examination centres, which are likely to become ' super spredder ' of the corona. Students who cannot give home exams for some reason, the government should have created testing centres with online examination facilities for them. The number of such students will be low and therefore, it will be easier to maintain social dissing at such centres and reduce the risk of infection.

Naturally, to judge the academic skills of the exam-giver, the examinations have to be re-designed so that it can sit right in new circumstances. The skills which are being examined will be different from the general examination. It will take into account the study and reference materials available in the students ' home. This examination has to be removed from the rote based examination to remember the facts of the students and bring them to the ability to reason and analyse.
This big change may be a challenge for those who have been tempted in the same way for generations. This may also cause some difficulty to the students who have been giving examinations in traditional ways. But this epidemic has compelled us to question all our projections and adopt completely new methods. There are a lot of risks and problems in working as usual, and that is certainly the case in the conduct of Neet and JEE.

Students worked hard, should no longer be playing with their health
As has been happening throughout the entire demolition of the epidemic, there is no perfect solution to the puzzle of conducting the test. However, through examination from home, it can be ensured that thousands and millions of students who have worked so hard to achieve their dreams do not compromise their health at the last moment.

The Government should still acknowledge the seriousness of the situation. The short-sighted and thoughtless decisions at the peak of the epidemic should not hinder the bright future of those who want to learn. We must protect our future makers and heroes, for the sake of our country. (These are the author's own views

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