Glaon Kraman. In this worrying environment of coronavirus, everyone is trying to keep the mind calm and happy. For the first time in life

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Glaon Kraman. In this worrying environment of coronavirus, everyone is trying to keep the mind calm and happy. For the first time in life, we have seen situations when we are thinking before meeting our friends and even relatives. Public transport is closed, there is a ban on commuting anywhere. Not only that, there is a danger in getting out of the house.

It is natural to be mentally disturbed because of bad conditions. There is a therapy that can help you. Why not start writing journals in this tense environment? This will enable you to know yourself better. This will improve your writing and prepare the story you want to tell others about yourself. It will also serve as a psychotherapy and the most important thing is also cheaper.

One-of-a-kind therapy is journal writing

Research shows that writing journals may be good for you. It helps you to fight stress and some depression. You take out the things of the mind through it and are more aware of yourself. A journal is very handy in bad times.

You will try to handle yourself through writing at this time. Rereading it after writing will tell you what is going wrong and how to correct it. Because of this, you will not feel lonely even in loneliness.

Saves memories journal

A journal helps you save fantastic moments of life. There are many stories you can include in the journal, which will refresh memories when you read after years. The best journals are those that have been written honestly. Perhaps that's why many people make journals instead of posting happy faces on social media.

This honesty in therapy helps to know the truth and the best part of it is to keep moving forward. It helps you to think through challenges. When you write, you realise that you are worrying more about something. Sometimes you realise that you are thinking more about the wrong thing.

Writing will improve

If you want to improve your writing, there cannot be a better way. You can practice the art of storytelling. You can practice to say less, but effective words. As a result, you will be able to hear a more interesting story to others. In addition, you will be able to practice writing whatever you write. As you increase the stamina through jogging. Writing only 10 minutes will also make things better.

Do this start

Start slow. Just write one or two lines about your actions. Remember that you don't need to write every day. Write something about every day. If you do not have time to write on that day, remember a few words about what has happened, so that when you sit down, things are remembered. There is no need to write chapters about everyday. You know when to write more.

Now type or type the question?

Some journal writers prefer to write by hand, because it makes their thinking more real. Writing on the computer has its advantages. You won't have to cut the document, search for anything comfortably. Word or Google documents will be a better option. Don't forget to save and back them up.

Many journal writers prefer apps that give them the chance to add photos, videos, audio recordings and sketches. You can also dictate instead of writing. Keep in mind that photos, recordings can distract you from writing. This may make your journal look strange. Start with words only to stay focused.


It will also help you to disturb yourself in every entry. Compel yourself to recognize yourself well in bad times and say what you want to say. It is good to say what you like, dreaming and how to accomplish it.

Write for the future

Many journals want privacy writing. While some expect them to be read for a long time even after they die. Perhaps for researchers who are studying life in the 21st century and want to know what we are feeling.

If you are optimistic, and think that the world will not end automatically in the next few years, think about giving your journals to an institute. Also write instructions on the use. Then your words will keep you alive.

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