An unknown apprehension was disturbing the people, but the people did not leave the hope. They probably expected a miracle

An unknown apprehension was disturbing the people, but the people did not leave the hope. They probably expected a miracle. However, on Monday morning, when Pranab Mukherjee's condition was reported to be deteriorating, the disappointment began to spread. Pranab Mukherjee's demise was reported in the evening. Thereafter, the former president was mourned and silenced in Mirti village of Birbhum district.

The people of this village are mourning the demise of not a former president, but a parent and a friend who was ready to hear all the problems at midnight and help them. Pranab was born in this village.

Yagya to wish to be healthy

After Pranab Mukherjee was sick, people in these two villages held yagya with their desire for speedy recovery. Kanishk Chatterjee, a primary school teacher living in Pranab's village, says0 "The mind was damaged only after the news of his illness was received. But, we expected him to return to death. This could not be done.0 "

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Despite reaching the top post of the country, Pranab did not forget his roots, says Kanishak. Whenever there is an opportunity, they definitely come here. He did not think anywhere that this person was the president of the country. They identified most people by name.

When Bharat Ratna was found, the village celebrated happiness

In August last year, Pranab was conferred the country's highest honour Bharat Ratna. Happiness was celebrated in the village. "We were delighted to be honoured with this red of our village last year," says Priyaranjan Ghosh, who is close to the former president. Then who knew that within just a year they would be separated from us forever. Because of that, the name of our village was known to the people abroad. "

Mahamritanjay Jaap was also conducted in Mirti village.

Hard to find a friend like Pranab

The Union minister, Pranab, worshipped at his home during Durga Puja every year. From Shashthi to Dashmi. Later on becoming president, the series continued till 2015. Durga Puja was held for forty years at his home. Mukherjee could not come to the village only twice in this long. Now, in his demise, Durga Puja in the village has also become uncertain.

"It is difficult to be a friend like Pranab," says Pranab's childhood companions Baldev Rai and Nihar Ranjan Banerjee. He did not have the slightest pride in his office. When we came to the village, we used to speak in the same way as we played and talked in childhood. "

Ravi Chatterjee, a family friend of Pranab, explains: "We wished him a healthy chanting mahamritanjay in the village. We expected miracles. Regret... It could not be done.

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