the river Narmada is showing a rowder form due to incessant rains and ikatadhan water of adjoining rivers in narmada

In Madhya Pradesh, the river Narmada is showing a rowder form due to incessant rains and ikatadhan water of adjoining rivers in narmada. On Sunday, the Mortakka Bridge was submerged in narmada floods. In many places, people are stranded in the lower settlements, which are being transported to safer places with the help of army helicopters. In Hoshangabad, there is a boat on the roads.
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Taken from the helicopter at 10 am on Sunday morning, it is the village of Nasullaganj in Bhopal. The village, with a population of 5000, has become an island in flood waters. NDRF and army have shifted 80% of the population to tigali village.

Water filled in lower settlements

In Madhya Pradesh, several rivers are in spate due to incessant rains. In many places, people have been trapped in the lower settlements. The photograph is from Sihor district where the lower settlements have been flooded. People are engaged in covering their belongings. In the meantime, a little girl is taking her brother to a safe place on the back.

4 inches of rain in 24 hours

In 24 hours, Ujjain received more than 4 inches of rain. The River Shipra has been in spate for the second time in a week. This has submerged several temples at Ramghat in shipra River.

Baha Bridge before inauguration

Heavy rain has caused major damage in Seoni district of Madhya Pradesh. 2 thousand houses have been damaged. A Nasstani dam in Lakhnadaun area was washed away here on Friday evening, while a bridge between Bhimgarh to Sunwara on Sunday fell into a cost of Rs 3.7 crore. The bridge was yet to be inaugurated. The deadline for completion of the construction work was 30th August 2020, but it collapsed on the same day.

Babpa's baby girl asks for a vow

The photo is from Hissar in Haryana. On Sunday, Ganpati Badapa was being immersion before the little girl made a vow in gajanan's ear. In the meantime, devotees have come to Ganpati Badapa Moria early next year... ' Made jaykare.

Tajia in corona period

On Moharram in Datia, the people of Muslim society immersed themselves on the rhythm of Lala. People from inside the fort were removed. The tots of four or four people reached lala's rhythm with the shoulders on their shoulders. After the pooja was done here, two to three people were immersed in the pond and immersed. For the first time, a procession to the DJ's tune during his immersion at Moharram anywhere in the district, the rally was not even removed on the distant hand stalls. Nor was the night procession of murder.

Social dissing will have visions

Like every year, this time too, Baba Sodhal's grand court has been established. This time the difference is that there will be no rush of people who come to see the Mela from afar. Devotees will have to take turns to make social distance maintenance. The flag ceremony was performed on Sunday. Will be held on 1st September. It will consist of a limited number of people. The Temple Committee, the corporation and the police administration have made arrangements. One member of 1678 families who had been killed was allowed to stay on the Khetri Arpan and Mahad.

Sunshine with rain too

After the rain, there was a vision of nature in ujjain on Sunday afternoon as a rainbow. The light sunshine between the clouds scattered the beautifully of the rainbow in the sky. After a long time, the rainbow was imprisoned by people in their mobiles and cameras.

Continuous rain overflows the dam

The dams in the area are overflow due to rain in the districts including Banswara in Rajasthan. 16 gates of Mahi Dam had to be opened on Sunday. At the same time, 3 dams of Baran and the gates of Gandhinagar and Rana Pratap Dam of Rawatbhata also had to be opened. Dungarpur has received 14 inches of rain. The Met department has issued a 24 hour heavy rain alert. The photo is from Gandhinagar Dam in Rawatbhata.

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On the day construction was to be completed in Seoni of Madhya Pradesh, the bridge washed away on the same day, the court of Sodhal Baba in Jalandhar was decorated, launched tomorrow.

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