With a heavy heart, Ganpati Badapa is getting farewell and pranabda with moist eyes has to say goodbye

September 1, the 245 day of the year. With a heavy heart, Ganpati Badapa is getting farewell and pranabda with moist eyes has to say goodbye. The decisions seem to be that this 9th month will be the month of almost the end of the Corona period in many ways. In such a way, the first day today, with a little change, the morning news brief so that your day is better and the mind is smart-

Watch these 10 big events and news today

Former President Pranab Mukherjee will be given a final farewell today. Pranabda's funeral will be held in New Delhi instead of the home town of West Bengal with full state honours.

Corona Unlock-4 is starting from across the country today. The first takeaway will open. From 7th September, the Metro will run and 21 theatres will open.

From today, joint entrace exam JEE main is being started. Amidst all the controversies, about 10 lakh children would sit in this engineering entrance test.

Today is Anant Chartudashi, and the 10-day Ganesh Festival will culminate across the country. This time there is a ban on grand immersion due to corona crisis.

The sixth phase of the Vande Bharat Mission will begin from today. India to return home from 31 flights of Air India from Toronto, Vancouver and Shanghai, Canada.

From today, the EMI will have to be paid in terms of old rates, as the exemption given in March is over. LPG resorts will revive and air travel will become costlier.

The delay in payment of GST from today will attract 18% interest on the total tax liability. The decision was taken at the GST Council meeting.

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) will launch a silver option trading facility in commodity derivatives from today.

The quality control standard (QCS) for foreign toys will be applicable from today. Now, after compulsory investigation, toys will get entry into India.

Today, Vespa will launch its new scooter racing systems. Samsung foldable phone Galaxy Z-Fold 2 and Hongchg's techno spark go 2020.

Important news from tomorrow you'll want to know -

1. End of an era with Pranabda

Former President Bharat Ratna Pranab Mukherjee leaves us... Pranab Mukherjee's condition of 84 years was serious since August 10. The upa's visit to the Union beloved Pranabda, including The Tarhar and PM Modi, is really the end of an era. There is a 7-day national mourning in the country and with the last farewell to Pranabda, he is remembering everything that connects more hearts than the parties.

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2. Biggest blow to economy in 40 years

Just fearing this news for several months, India has been such a major setback for the first time in 40 years on the GDP front... The country's growth rate of GDP in the first quarter has been -23.9%. Where India's economy is, it can be understood in such a way that India has the worst performance in terms of GDP in the G-20 economy countries.

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3. Tension again in Ladakh after 75 days

What does China want? On the one hand there is reconciliation, the other side is the smoldering antics... Two days ago, China again tried to infiltrate into the Indian territory of eastern Ladakh. The Indian Jawans foiled it. The defence ministry has issued a note on Monday regarding infiltration. China has also deployed J-20 fighter planes on the border.

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4. Prashant Bhushan left for just Rs 1

Amid a clash of egos and justice, the interesting case of the corridors of the judiciary was heard for Rs 1... On Monday, the Supreme Court imposed a fine of just one rupee on senior advocate Prashant Bhushan in the content of court case. Bhushan was adamant not to apologize and the court was scared of not giving an apology. Now, the judgement is being said that the status of Bhushan before the court is equal to Rs. 1.

5. CBI's 11 days in Sushant case

From June to September, sushant case will go on to go and crack.... Now, the CBI, which is said to be competent in this case, has not been able to do anything. On Monday, the CBI inquiry into the case was the 11th day and the fourth day of the siege of Rhea. Even after a total of 35 hours of heart-mind-shaking enquiries, everything is still complicated. The eye will continue to see which theory proves to be true.

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6. Corona LIC's Nothing Spoiled

On the 65th birthday, the news about LIC, the country's largest insurance company, is a talking point... Despite the Corona period, the government company, which is completing its 64 years today, has been confident of investors and is also growing. Figures say lic has sold 2.19 crore new policies in 2019-20, a record in 6 years. The claim settlement paid Rs 159,770.32 crore and 215.98 lakh claims were settled.

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7. A dose for the virus not enough

A little disturbing news because a vaccine from the corona will do nothing... The US experts are saying that in the days to come, when the vaccine comes, only one dose will not work. People will need two doses. At present, there is a shortage of testing kits, PPE kits and other essentials. It would be very difficult to run a vaccination program twice.

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