The 17-year-old raced to Ladakh in a summer T-shirt and half pants, reached Zojila, the shoes were ripped off, the night in the workers ' tents.

Ladakh has been the highest discussion in the country in the last three months. The distance from Delhi to Ladakh is more than 1 thousand kms. There are usually many going to Ladakh on bikes. Many have also travelled from Manali to Srinagar on bicycles. But, on foot, perhaps nobody has.

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This is the story of Ashok Uppal of Delhi, who has gone to Ladakh not one, but 2 times. His story is his jubani...

The age of 15 to 25, when it comes to the heart, do anything. It is 1986. For the first time, I went to Haridwar from Delhi on a 200 km walk for the Kanvada Yatra. This was the first on foot journey. Then vaishno Devi went. When we saw the snow in Vaishno Devi, we shouted, and the people there said, "Is there any snow?" If you have to see the snow, go to Ladakh. The snow is closed there.

Ashok Uppal, a resident of Delhi, has gone to Ladakh twice. Have been travelling since he was 17 years old.

We decided, in 1987, we would try to go to Ladakh. In May, in summer clothes, T-shirts and shorts, we had three friends left for Ladakh... On foot. There was not much difficulty from Jammu to Srinagar. We stayed in Srinagar one night and when sonamarg arrived the next night, the cold began. We had clothes the same summer. When we reached Zojila on the go, our shoes were ripped off. In the mud, the shoes were left there and the feet came out. From there we started walking barefoot. As they reached the DRAs.

When he landed down from Zojila, the road-making workers had to stop at the camp

I have gone on foot 7 times from Delhi to Amarnath. We used to go from Delhi to Jammu in 10 days. Then, in the next 7-8 days, Jammu to Srinagar. Then, from Srinagar to Kargil, it reached in 10 days. For the first time, when the foot went to Ladakh, it took 28 days to go to Kargil. When we went from Delhi to Jammu, we stopped at Dbay, Dharamshala, guest house on the way. All these hideouts were also found between Jammu and Srinagar.

Ashok has been on foot 7 times from Delhi to Amarnath. They have travelled to Kashmir 23 times.

But, when he came from Srinagar to Leh, there was a problem one night. From Sonamarg to Zojila, and when they landed down, the road-making labourers had to stop at the camp. The night reaped into great difficulty. The legs were thawed, blisters, terrible cold and there was no sleeper in the legs. The physics began to deteriorate. Had reached Kargil. A guest house was also found to stay there.

We tried to start walking at 4 o'clock in the morning and reach a village or town in the evening. When the evening starts, see how far the next village is. Our stay, food and the whole journey were very cheap. The 28-day visit from Delhi to Ladakh was completed by three people for Rs. 15, 000.

The age was 17 years when the first foot went to Ladakh. Now, it is 50 plus. He began to do what he liked. Then Facebook was not the time of Insta. Came to Facebook in 2011 and became part of more than 80 tracking groups. But, I run away from the crowd, so travel alone in secluded areas.

Ashoka points out that he has made most religious trips. He went on a religious pilgrimage from 1986 to 2000. Thereafter, solo travel from 2000 to 2004.

There is a footwear showroom in Kala Ji market in Delhi. The family has a wife, the daughter is doing masters, the son has done the 12th. Go on an adventure trip with friends or on a bike alone and on a luxury trip with a family. The son also speaks that i will also go to Ladakh on a bike with you.

I have made most religious trips. From 1986 to 2000, they went on religious pilgrimages because the group was so. The two friends who went along on these trips once tried to kill and threw me into the ditch because of misunderstanding on a similar trip. Luck was good so survived alive. Came back and made a case against those friends, then the agreements were reached. No contact with them for the last 20 years. Now, don't want to remember that incident. The incident led to a four-year solo travel from 2000 to 2004. It had a profound effect on my mind, I didn't talk to people, stopped making friends.

Came to Facebook in 2011. Started biking again from 2012. Time elapsed, he also began to make friends. Started meeting people. Started talking. But, now, foot trips are closed. The last time in 2017 was from Gorakhpur to Mustang, 515 km alone. The yatra was completed in 11 days. 28 years ago, in Kedarnath, one Baba said that he must visit Mustang. There is the temple of Vishnu Ji, so I have fulfilled it. It went by train to Gorakhpur and further on foot.

Ashok says that the last time in 2017 was from Gorakhpur to Mustang, 515 km alone. The yatra was completed in 11 days.

I have been travelling by bike since 1987, but professional riding has started for the last 7-8 years. The bike has measured Ladakh, once Spiti, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan and Gujarat three times. Now just want to go to North East, but the journey is not completed in a week and the business does not allow holidays tee for more than a week.

Travel is a passion. It is 2 months, I am disturbed if you don't go anywhere. Whether it is a bike or a flight with a family. It seems that people can see local food and place. Travel is always happy, work is low, business is lost. Even though the family has earned more money, they keep counting notes, the brothers are manifold, but I did not mind. Because, these money has to be left here. My family never complains that you don't rotate us. Those who earn will not spend, people are just earning. I am earning experience.

One more thing, I never take the package from the agent for the tour. 25 years of marriage, a few years ago, the Kashmir package was taken. Never even plan, just get out. Where the mind stopped. The family also has two trips a year and 1-2 my solo trip. I.e. one trip every 2-3 months. Never friend, sometimes family, never solo.

Even when walking on foot, and still. I have always been a fitness freak. Daily workouts, one and a half hours. 30-40 minutes walk, 40-45 minutes exercise. I eat a lot of food and drink. I see online food and travel videos.

Ashok says that the bike trips have been from 1987, but professional riding has started for the last 7-8 years.

4 most dangerous accidents, blasts in Kashmir, militants caught in Punjab...

1. Kashmir: Where the front blast occurred the shirt burned

23 times, I have gone to Kashmir. After 1988, 7 years did not go to Kashmir. In 1988, when I was in Srinagar, I had a blast in front of me, my shirt got a fire. I avoided dying. Then there was a fear of going there. But, from 1995, it started going again. Well, this was my most dangerous trip.

2. Punjab: Going to Manali, militants captured

Another trip was probably that dangerous. We were going from Manali to Leh. It is 1988. There was terrorism in Punjab, Ambala cross, the militants stood in front, stopped and sat down. Started asking-where are you going? We said Harminder Saheb is going to visit. Then we were just 18 years old. Children are religious, they may have let us go.

3. Gangotri: Went astray in glacier, melted ice three days and drank water

In 1989, Gangotri had to go to Gomukh. The shopkeeper began to say that you are also coming through Taphavan, there are sadhus and saints doing penance and there is a cave. Perhaps they have become hypnotize, they say that lions and leopards roam, there are samadhis, souls do penance. We started going and guide the thought. But, then, the foreigners used to guide, so we went out. At 4 o'clock in the evening, he went astray, spent the whole night sitting on the glacier.

Three friends slept in a sheet. Always took the driving fruit biscuits and ate it. It started raining in the morning, not the whole day. He drank water by sucking ice, and he was wound up in the throat. The other night also spent the night lying on the rock tan. On the third day, we were going to be zombies. The physics had deteriorated, the eagle and the crow began to appear. When a little sunshine turned out, we raised courage. Then a goat grazing brought us 3 hours.

4. Amarnath: When caught in snow storm, tents and bedding were all washed away in water

In 1995, Amarnath was trapped in the Trjadi. It was raining, in Panchtarani. The water from the hill began to flow into tents. Luggage, blankets and bedding became wet. The next day, the rain did not stop till 9 o'clock in the morning. Let's go back to thinking, next year. Were talking that the snowfall started. Half a kilometer was the snow storm. The horses fled, the anchors were closed, 200 people stood by each other. Were going to die in suffocation. We went on, but the people who were sitting there died there. The bodies of the people were falling. I had a shoe in the same foot. And three bags were kept picking up. Running without stopping. Barely lost lives.

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