The JEE main examinations are being started from September 1 amidst ongoing protests and demonstrations over the examination

The JEE main examinations are being started from September 1 amidst ongoing protests and demonstrations over the examination. The students are visibly disturbed because of the controversy over the examination in the past. The students are also very scared of the test between Korona. The examination is becoming very difficult to focus on the first study.

The relaxation is very important for focus and concentration of mind before exams. Some tips for stress management from psychologist Monica Sharma to avoid this stress caused by the exam on coronavirus and exam before the exam begins:

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Don't waste time on social media

Because of the corona, life is now proceeding with new normal. People are going to work with caution and vigilance. Following this vigilance, students should also give jee and Neet examinations without fear. At the end of the exam, do not waste your time in seeing the ongoing controversy over exams on social media. Keep your preparations in the place of an exam or not.

Avoid seeing corona-related news

Avoid watching corona news on TV, as such news can further increase your stress. Prepare yourself for the exam in such a way that the exam is conducted in common times. Even if the exam is postponed, this preparation will still bring you further work and if there is a test, you will find yourself ready for it.

In the present situation, avoid the activity and avoid the corona with the activity and use masks and gloves like people and go to the examination centre keeping in mind the social distensing.

Tips to prepare yourself for the exam between corona:

Do meditation for 10 to 15 minutes a day.

Also do breathing exercise for a short time 2 to 3 times a day.

Do things that give you a relaxation, such as listening to songs, taking a shower, cooking, etc.

At present, keep in mind that you get good and full sleep. Do not allow the effects of conditions to fall on your sleep cycle.

You can also do group studies online or through video calls to avoid your stress and loneliness.

Focus only on your preparedness by ignoring the confusion about the exam.

Try to stay away from people who talk about future uncertainty and negativity.

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